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Announcing Aspire: Support Driven’s Career Mentoring Program

I’m excited to announce that today we’re kicking off the next iteration of Aspire, Support Driven’s career mentoring program. The intent of Aspire is to match customer facing professionals with mentors who can help them advance their careers, provide perspective,...

Announcing Support Driven Leadership Summit in October 2018!

Hi, y’all! I’m Sarah and I recently joined Support Driven as the Event Coordinator for this fall’s Summit. I’ll be working out all the details for the event and will be your go-to person if you’ve got any questions along the way. I’m really excited to make Summit a...

Announcing the 2018 Heads of Support Survey!

Support Driven is excited to offer a new gift to the community of customer support professionals: the 2018 Heads of Support Survey! This survey is an anonymous collection of data that will allow support leaders to see how similar companies are staffing and running...

Hiring with diversity in mind

Hiring properly is difficult. Hiring for diverse teams is even more challenging! Anyone who has been in that position would agree. It’s a process full of hard decisions and juggling acts, and part of hiring right is making sure your team is balanced across multiple...

Building Collaboration into your Customer Experience

‘Customer Experience’ is often seen as just another department rather than a vital part of your organization’s strategy to obtain and keep customers. The customer experience should include all touch points your customer has with you. Especially in the SaaS world, you...

Support Driven Expo: Career UnConference

Hi all! I’m Kari - I’m a Portlander and I am thrilled to be coordinating the Career UnConference at Expo!  With so many people from Support Driven gathering in Portland for Expo, we wanted to find ways for community members to connect on career topics, in...

Boxed In?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary “boxed in” is defined as “prevented from doing what you want to do”. I think we all know what that feels like when we are prevented from doing something we innately are good at. Have you ever felt “boxed in”? Are you feeling...