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Support Driven Leadership Summit is a leadership conference that brings leaders in customer support, customer success, and operations together to help you become a better leader.

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Oct 29

Support Driven Leadership Summit Boston

October 29 @ 8:30 am - October 30 @ 5:30 pm EDT
Cambridge MA
United States

Introducing the Knowledge Project

Support Driven is a community full of amazing people with amazing knowledge. However, for anyone new it’s a bit of a deep dive into an overwhelming sea of information. Even people who have been members for a few years can get lost in the onslaught. To help keep the...

Announcing Support Driven Leadership Summit in October 2018!

Hi, y’all! I’m Sarah and I recently joined Support Driven as the Event Coordinator for this fall’s Summit. I’ll be working out all the details for the event and will be your go-to person if you’ve got any questions along the way. I’m really excited to make Summit a...

Announcing the 2018 Heads of Support Survey!

Support Driven is excited to offer a new gift to the community of customer support professionals: the 2018 Heads of Support Survey! This survey is an anonymous collection of data that will allow support leaders to see how similar companies are staffing and running...

10: Customer Onboarding

Our hosts are joined by Ethan Walfish from Salsify to talk the ins-and-outs of customer onboarding: where to begin, some major pit-falls and lessons learned. You'll also hear some great highlights from the Support Driven Slack, as well as passionate discussions about...

Experimenting with Affiliate Programs

We're always open to new ways our community can interact, so when the idea of running an affiliate program came up, I brought it up to the community in our #about channel a few weeks ago. Those conversations showed that there was potential for affiliate programs to be...

To Leaderboard or Not, That is the Question

Summer is a slow time at a lot of companies, which is something support leaders should take advantage of. It’s a good opportunity to think about the high-level stuff we’re sometimes not able to fully focus on when things are busy. Stuff like: What’s the best way to...

Your Work Isn’t Your Identity

Perhaps you’re like me, and as a person who’s chosen a path in the service and support industry and finds great joy within it, this question of “what do you do?” is filled low-grade shame and a highly-specific need to justify your life choices.

Going as ‘Above and Beyond’ as Necessary

Often Support Representatives are asked to go 'above & beyond", but what does that really mean?  This was asked in the #leadership channel on the Support Driven Slack channel this past month and this article will summarize some of the key things to encourage to ensure...

Day in the Life: Hilary Dudek

Hey all! My name's Hilary, and here is a day in the life of me, the Handshake Support Team Manager. 7:15 am - My alarm goes off Mornings are hard. 7:25-8 am - Workout/shower (hah! This workout usually happens on my lunch break, let’s be real) 8 am - Time to check...