Voices of Customer Support

A few months ago, we were talking behind the scenes about how exciting it is to hear a person share an fresh idea that they are incredibly passionate about. Their energy lifts everyone in the conversation up! The trouble with those ideas, though, is that most people don’t have a venue to get them heard beyond the scope of a personal conversation or chat. We wanted to change that. With every new amazing idea we share with each other we all collectively get better.

Voices of Customer Support is our program to connect support professionals with companies that can give them a place to share their thoughts and ideas more widely.

Whether you’re a company with a killer content concept but no one to contribute to it, or a person with some brilliant ideas in that beautiful brain of yours, Voices of Customer Support can help.

It’s time to freshen up our conversations around support. With this program, we strive to connect unique voices in the support world with established companies in order to help keep content fresh and engaging. Individuals get the opportunity to share their thought leadership and develop their career; companies get to approach their content from a different direction. Everyone benefits from hearing new perspectives from people that they don’t already know—we are all tired of hearing the same five points about NPS!

How does this work?

Every month, on the first of the month, we send out an email  filled to the brim with forward-thinking companies looking for some additional content to be written, podcasted, videoed or just straight-up created. Subscribers are then able to click on linked forms in the letter and pitch their ideas directly to the company to open up a dialogue. Never again will an idea lie dormant.

If you’re a company interested in listing in VoCS, email us. If you are interested in being included on our mailing list, subscribe below.

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