OCTOBER 29-30, 2018 – BOSTON, MA


We’re adding details to the schedule as things are finalized. Information here is subject to change.

8:30 to 9:30am


Doors open at 8:30am for breakfast.

9:30 to 11:05am

How We Changed TextExpander's Business Model, Survived, and Now Thrive - Maia Olson, Smile

Case Study


Strategic thinking about the future of a product and company while weathering PR/Support challenges.


Changing business models is scary, change is hard, and many companies don’t survive afterwards. So, why did we do it? Take a walk in our shoes as we go through the thoughtful decision making that lead us to the change, the careful planning along the way, and the fraught last minute decisions when things still go wrong. Change is \hard, but necessary, and can pay off big in the end.


Maia Olson

Maia Olson has worked with TextExpander for the last 10 years to spread the joys of quality productivity software. Over that time she has worn many hats, from customer support to technical writing to marketing and PR. Her current hobbies include collecting artistic hobbies, spending winters playing in the snow, and spending summers helping inspire preteen girls to get into tech with AppCamp4Girls.

11:05 to 11:20am


11:20 to 11:50am

Metrics Through the Lens of Empathy: Using One of our Most Intuitive Tools for One of our Least Intuitive Tasks - Mary Miratrix, Lexia Learning

Lightning Talk


A tool for keeping metrics in perspective while hip deep in data and requests


Metrics are a key part of leading a support organization well. We all know the acronyms: CSAT, NPS, SLA, KPI. As leaders, how do we hang onto one of the key soft skills in Support—empathy—when working with cold, hard numbers and reporting up? Empathy can be a powerful filter to help us understand what we should measure, how we should measure it, and why. This talk will walk through common support metrics through the lens of empathy for different audiences: those who are looking at the numbers (our co-workers, bosses, and boards), those who are affected by them (our teams), and those who we’re asking for data (our customers).


Mary Miratrix

Mary Miratrix is an experienced Support Leader who, despite an early job in a contract call center, loves Support for being at the intersection of humanity and technology. In other words, Support is a great place to be a geek who likes people. Mary currently leads a brilliant, empathetic group of folks doing Support & Success in edTech.

Don't get slammed by seasonality! How to scale gracefully by embedding outsourced agents into your team - Daniel Blanco, Schoology

Lightning Talk


Learn about one path to scaling success: hard-earned insights from our journey embedding outsourced agents into our team


These days, few would argue that offering a great support experience can make all the difference in a growing company’s success. But, what happens when best intentions run into the hard reality of seasonal peaks? Constant firefighting and a hero mentality will only get your team so far… Come, learn about the path we found to success: embedding seasonal, outsourced agents into our team. Outsourcing can get a bad rap, but for Schoology, these agents have become a critical component of our success; a necessary complement to- and not substitute for- our full time team’s efforts. Learn from our journey – how we defined ‘what success would like’; the nuts and bolts of our partner vendor search; what we learned when things got busy; and the hard-earned lessons we’re taking into the future. Learn from our struggles – and make our successes your own!


Daniel Blanco

Daniel is leading Support at Schoology – a learning management platform that’s helping teachers and students advance what’s possible in education. Prior to Schoology he spent several years learning about excellent customer service with American Express. He’s an LA transplant residing in NYC; father of 3, including twins; and excited about technology and education. Say hello!

How to Foster Inclusivity Like a Badass - Chanita Simms, HelpScout

Lightning Talk


Creating inclusive spaces!


Diversity is not the new black. Inclusivity is not a new trend. This is more than a hashtag. It could be a matter of your team’s growth or downfall. Join me as we talk about things you can do to generate a more inclusive environment at work and in everyday life. It’s time to create the needed dialogue to promote change!


Chanita Simms

Chanita is a Customer Champ at Help Scout and the founder of Melanin.Tech. She’s no newbie to the battle the diversity in technology issues and actively tries to create the change she wants to see!

Demonstrating Value: Building bridges between Support, Product, and Engineering - Jason Casey, Evernote

Lightning Talk


Strategies for connecting your support team with you product and engineering teams.


In support we pour our hearts into helping our customers. We listen and we empathize. Once we’ve captured their stories, how do we deliver them in a way that has an impact? Building strong relationships with your product and engineering teams are key. I’ll talk about why these relationships are important for your support team, your customers, and your company. You’ll leave with a few strategies for building those connections and making your customers happier.


Jason Casey

Jason is an aspiring minimalist, novice dad, and a bit of a stoic… unless he’s watching hockey. In his spare time he manages the brilliant Technical Support team at Evernote.

11:50 to 1:20pm

Lunch - Mediterranean

Chicken A La Plancha – GLUTEN FREE
Spice mix marinated chicken, roasted and grilled
Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Bonapita Meatballs
Spice mix marinated house made meatballs, roasted and grilled
Contains: gluten, egg | Does not contain: dairy, nut, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Black Bean And Beet Patties – VEGETARIAN
Ground black beans, garlic and beets
Contains: egg | Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Oven Cooked Vegetables – VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE
Potatoes, butternut squash, eggplant, red pepper, onions, zucchini, tomatoes and garlic
Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Basmati And Wild Rice – VEGAN
Basmati and wild rice with caramelized onions
Does not contain: gluten dairy nut egg soy honey shellfish alcohol

Herb Green Hot Sauce – VEGETARIAN
Contains: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy | Does not contain: honey, shellfish, alcohol

Pickled Turnips – VEGAN
Contains: gluten, alcohol | Does not contain: dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish

Chopped salad of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, green cabbage, and red cabbage with an oil dressing
Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Pita – VEGAN
Contains: gluten | Does not contain: dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Original Hummus – VEGAN
Homemade hummus garnished with chick peas
Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Homemade hummus garnished with chickpeas
Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Herb Hummus – VEGETARIAN
Homemade hummus garnished with chickpeas
Contains: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy | Does not contain: honey, shellfish, alcohol

There will also be coffee, tea, soda, water, and more throughout the event.

Lunchtime Panel -- Crossing the chasm: what changes when your company grows? (12:30 - 1:15)

Hosted by Shervin Talieh, Founder and CEO of PartnerHero, this conversation will cover rapid growth within support departments, things that “broke” as departments scaled, how growth affected company culture, and other topics related to growing pains.

Andrew Spittle, Head of Customer Support at Automattic
Yvette Johns, Advanced Support Technical Manager at MailChimp

Hosted by Support Driven partner PartnerHero.

1:20 to 2:55pm

Onboarding Success: Meet Your Customer Where They Are - Jenn Southan, MemberHub

Case Study


It’s important to meet your customer where they are in order to provide information in a way that allows them to be successful.


In today’s day and age, customers are inundated with information from many sources. In order for them to be successful using your product, you must meet them where they are. Customers will not scale Mt. Everest to learn your product. You must come down from the mountain top and help them make that climb.


Jenn Southan

Jenn Southan is the VP, Customer Experience at MemberHub. Previously with TeamSnap, she grew her team from three people doing customer support out of a Gmail account to a team of 25 encompassing customer support, help content, onboarding, and voice of the customer. Now she gets to do it all over again! Outside of work, she loves watching her kids play soccer and volunteering with an animal rescue.

2:55 to 3:25pm

Snack Break

Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, red grapes, green grapes, pineapple, mango, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries
Contains: pineapple | Does not contain: gluten, dairy, nut, egg, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Cinnamon Roll – VEGETARIAN
Contains: gluten, dairy, nut, egg | Does not contain: soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Chocolate Chip Cookie – VEGETARIAN
Contains: gluten, dairy, egg  | Does not contain: nut, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Peanut Butter Cookie – VEGETARIAN
Contains: gluten, dairy, nut, egg | Does not contain: soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Contains: dairy, nut, egg | Does not contain: gluten, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Macadamia Nut Cookie – VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN FREE
Contains: dairy, egg | Does not contain: gluten, nut, soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Miniature Pastry Platter – VEGETARIAN
Mini éclairs, carrot cake, cream puffs, mini cannolis, and chewy coconut bars
Contains: gluten, dairy, nut, egg | Does not contain: soy, honey, shellfish, alcohol

Candy – VEGAN
Assortment of candies

3:25 to 4:40pm

Breakout Sessions

4:40 to 4:55pm


4:55 to 5:25pm

Keynote: Lenses to Your Career Andrew Spittle, Automattic

Andrew Spittle

Andrew Spittle is the head of customer support at Automattic. He’s worked in customer support for more than a decade. He lives in Portland, OR and is an avid reader and runner.

5:25 to 5:30pm

Closing Remarks

5:30 to 6:00pm

HubSpot HQ Tour

6:00 to 8:00pm

HubSpot Happy Hour