Increasing speaker diversity at all conferences

Speaker diversity matters. Everyone benefits when we have speakers representing diverse perspectives at conferences. We get new ideas and new ways of seeing things. We get more diverse attendees who see that it’s possible for them to be on that stage.
Getting more diverse speakers on stage starts with the conference proposal. If we can help one speaker improve their proposal, we can improve their chances of getting on stage and that leads to one more diverse speaker at a conference.

How Does This Work?


We increase your chance of getting accepted as a speaker by sharing your conference proposal with an editor, someone who has spoken at a conference, to give you ideas and feedback to improve it.
You’ll receive feedback in the form of a scorecard with notes from the editor. There are 2 weeks to the program and you’ll receive a different editor and a different scorecard each week.



 A new schedule will be posted when the next round is announced.

For Speakers

What is a speaker?
Someone with a pitch that they want to improve.
How long should my conference proposal be?
For Represent, a proposal should be no longer than three paragraphs.
Why should I sign up?
You get feedback from someone who’s spoken at a conference, giving you a better chance of being accepted as a speaker.
Is my proposal good enough?
That’s why you’re here! We want to help you improve. Show us what you’ve got!
I identify as a cis white male. Can I still participate?
Yes, anyone can participate.
How much of a time commitment is this?
Very light as this program lasts for two weeks. The goal is to quickly give you feedback from two editors to improve your proposal.

For Editors

What is an editor?
Someone who’s spoken at a conference and knows what organizers are looking for in a conference proposal.
Why should I sign up?
You can take a step towards helping more diverse speakers get on stage at a conference.
Am I qualified to be an editor?
If you’ve spoken at an event before, then yes! Your help is needed and appreciated.
I identify as a cis white male. Can I still participate?
Yes, anyone can participate.
How do I give feedback to speakers?
You’ll receive an email from us containing details about the speaker and their conference proposal along with instructions regarding the scorecard. Take a moment to review their proposal, fill out the scorecard and send it to the speaker.
How much of a time commitment is this?
The program runs from February 12 – February 25th. Once each week, we ask that you take a moment to review a speaker’s conference proposal and fill out a scorecard to improve their chances of being accepted.


Organized by

Scott Tran
Elizabeth Polowicz
Rose Kearsey