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Announcing Aspire: Support Driven’s Career Mentoring Program

I’m excited to announce that today we’re kicking off the next iteration of Aspire, Support Driven’s career mentoring program. The intent of Aspire is to match customer facing professionals with mentors who can help them advance their careers, provide perspective,...

Announcing Support Driven Leadership Summit in October 2018!

Hi, y’all! I’m Sarah and I recently joined Support Driven as the Event Coordinator for this fall’s Summit. I’ll be working out all the details for the event and will be your go-to person if you’ve got any questions along the way. I’m really excited to make Summit a...

Announcing the 2018 Heads of Support Survey!

Support Driven is excited to offer a new gift to the community of customer support professionals: the 2018 Heads of Support Survey! This survey is an anonymous collection of data that will allow support leaders to see how similar companies are staffing and running...

Inbox Inventory Explained

In a world of remote employees, increasingly differentiated and specialized departments and meeting-phobia, keeping everyone in the same loop about what your team is doing and how is hyper-important. The question is, though, how to do it and how to do it in a way that...

A Day in the Life of Conor Pendergrast

Working from cafe This is part of a series we're doing to help people in our community get to know the person behind the chat screen. Say hi to Conor at @conor in the chat room. Hey! My name is Conor, and I’m one of the members of the Success Coach team in Expensify....

Advice from the Future

Over the last six months, I slogged through one of the largest projects of my career. Our team built the new Highrise help site, a glorified, 105 article, user manual for our product. We redesigned everything. Rewrote every article. Reorganized every topic and...

A Day in the Life of Michelle Earhart

A sleepy Michelle, briefly outside of her natural habitat, the indoors This is part of a series we're doing to help people in our community get to know the person behind the chat screen. Say hi to Michelle at @michelle in the chat room. Hey there, I’m Michelle. I’m...

Would You Go To A Support Driven Conference?

Every once in a while, I get asked about a Support Driven Conference. My usual response to this question has been along the lines of, "Some day." Lately, the number of people asking about a conference has gone up. And that got me thinking about what a Support Driven...

A Simple Way to Forecast Tickets

Why would you want to forecast tickets for the future when you’re already drowning in them? Because reasons—plenty of reasons! Here are a few for your consideration. Hiring: By knowing your current capacity, backlog and having a solid ticket forecast, you can come up...

The 2015 Support Driven Compensation Survey Results

Have you ever wondered what people in support get paid? We do! It's come up in the chat room several times but it's not easy to find salary information for support online. What started as a conversation around an annual review and what fair compensation looked like...

The Dreaded Silo

"The people you work closely with also tend to be the people you feel most comfortable around and, thus, are the people you talk to the most. Beware, though. This feedback loop can turn into something dangerous: a silo." — Avoiding the Silo of Team Communication —...

A Day in the Life of Bijan Boustani

Clockwise from the Bearded Bottom Left: Bijan, Joseph, Brittany, and Aimee. In Portland, Oregon for UserConf! This is part of a series we're doing to help people in our community get to know the person behind the chat screen. Say hi to Bijan at @bijanbwb in the chat...