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Got questions about support or running a support team? Get answers from our community of 3500+ folks that care deeply about support.


Recap Podcast

The SD Recap podcast shares the best conversations from customer support professionals in the Support Driven community. Keep up to date with the industry on your terms and on your schedule.

Support Driven Expo Europe 2019

SD Expo Europe will bring together the Support Driven community from Europe and beyond to share how we’re solving problems to move the industry and our careers forward.

Support Salary Survey

Each year Support Driven and Help Scout partner to anonymously survey customer support professionals about salary. Take the survey and read the 2018 study results.

Heads of Support Report: 2018

Support Driven is pleased to announce the results of the first Heads of Support Survey! Thank you to everyone who filled it out (over 150 of you!), and to all of our sponsors. Below is a link to the raw data, as well as a link to a PDF report containing interviews...

Announcing Support Driven Expo Europe

It's official: for the first time ever, Support Driven is building a conference in Europe. The event will take place April 1-2, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza at Vladimira Popovica 10 in New Belgrade, Serbia. Check out the Support Driven Expo Europe page for details,...

Making a Great Customer Support Resume

Last week, I read a string of messages in Support Driven's #career-development Slack channel in which community members were essentially asking, "I want to apply for a job in customer support. I have the quality and skills to be a good support agent, but my previous...

Defining Core Values

A community is defined by it's culture and culture is shaped by core values. Core values express what's important to our community. The Support Driven community didn't start out with a set of core values that I came up with. Instead, the core values of the community...

Fall Writing Challenge Kick Off

If you’ve been around Support Driven for awhile, you might remember we’ve run a Writing Challenge in the past. I’m pleased to announce that this fall the challenge is coming back and the Support Driven community is looking to hear more from you. Yes you! Have you ever...