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Channel topic: Discussions about leadership. For anyone in a leadership position at any level, whether you’re an individual contributor or management.

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Blog posts on the topic of leadership:

Scale, Culture and What It All Means for Your Team

Last week, one of our Support Driven community members asked a question in the #leadership channel that many support leaders cope with at one time or another: “Would love some opinions and personal experience here. We have recently extended our support hours to 8a-8pm...

Support Team Considerations at 24/7 Scale

A common theme around team scaling was seen in the Support Driven #leadership channel this month.  Two main questions emerged: The first was a question about 24/7 coverage and strategies on how to build that into our offering and the second was about the building and...

Hiring with diversity in mind

Hiring properly is difficult. Hiring for diverse teams is even more challenging! Anyone who has been in that position would agree. It’s a process full of hard decisions and juggling acts, and part of hiring right is making sure your team is balanced across multiple...

Building Collaboration into your Customer Experience

‘Customer Experience’ is often seen as just another department rather than a vital part of your organization’s strategy to obtain and keep customers. The customer experience should include all touch points your customer has with you. Especially in the SaaS world, you...